Today is May 31, 2001 and I had a great week with my 'tribe of Cyberneticians'.
I will be posting stuff here as I get to it.

Item # 1 is Danny Miller's "The Architecture of Simplicity" where he mentions Maturana in his discussion of 'the enacted environment'.
Item #2 is Heinz von Foerster's article, his classic: "On constructing 'A' reality"
Item # 3 is Bertalanffy's discussion of the importance of Vaihinger's, The philosophy of "As If".
Item # 4 is from Roy Rappaport's "Ecology Meaning and Religion": the master essay called "Adaptive Structure and Its Disorders".
Item # 5 is also from R. Rappaport: "Sanctity and Lies in Evolution" and represents the kind of language I believe we need to discuss such highly abstract words as "evil".
Evil is discussed in this part of the essay.

  1. The Architecture of Simplicity
  2. On Constructing A Reality.
  3. The philosophy of "AS IF"
  4. Adaptive Structure and Its Disorders
  5. Sanctity and Lies in Evolution
  6. Description of Cybernetics by Bateson- from Steps...
Today is october 10, 2004 and next week I'm going to visit my sister Sherrie who I've not seen in decades. So I'm putting some links here of things that may be of interest to my her, as she is the principle archivist of my fmaily.

My talks.
Here are several letters from my WWII time in Europe.