Vancouver May 2001. Cybernetics Conference.



You know of your existence from that 'stream' of sensations and thoughts constantly available for your attention.
It's a certainty you attend to some and not to others.
Those sensations and thoughts selected and retained
ARE Your Reality!
This constitutes experience; your perception and language
that defines everything you do; Your very Identity.
It's important to re-examine some common words like Information which involve deep epistemological questions of great import for society.

Burl in Hawaii 1999.

Burl's song. 426K

This, existential certainty, whatever the vocabulary or syntax,

is the incontrovertable starting point for each of us.

Everybody has their own unique way of doing this.* There is staggeringdiversity in individual viewpoints.I propose to use Language of sufficient generality and rigor with whichwe can assess all Human beings and any organization whatsoever.

I believe our time is short but the data available in 1996 is sufficient to make explicit moves toward 'that' organizationfor coordinating a viable Global consensus at two levels:
[1] What it Means to be Human.
[2] Planetary Policy for optimal Human living conditions.

A rather big order; but I must start somewhere.

Some of my reference points are: Gregory Bateson, Humberto Maturana, Heinz vonFoerster, Ernst von Glasersfeld, Ross Ashby and Klaus Krippendorff.

*While each individual has unique characteristics, I assert that we have only two or three important categories within which our lives can be expressed. ....

This is a great essay on constructivism, from a site in Greece.

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